The beginning of summer '81

'81When I was about to graduate from Ryerson I applied for a grant that would enable me to do a project that was the reason I went to study photography. The prairies had given me a visual vocabulary and now I had the skills to save that vocabulary embedded in silver.


I knew that it would entail a length of time that I wouldn't have if I had a job. I applied for a grant that would buy me a car that I would drive to Alberta in. In 1981 you ouldn't get much of a car for $1000. They didn't give me as much as I asked for.


I set out to drive to Alberta, with side visits to friends, and there was a fantastic sunset as I drove into Calgary.


I stayed with my brother and his family while I was in Calgary to process film and buy more film. I knew where to go in Calgary to buy chemicals and boxes of 5 rolls of professional film which has to be refridgerated. I developed my film with my brother's bar sink and chatted with his wife who was very pregnant. My nephew was born while I was there.


I was going to sleep in my car while I was on the road.


I will continue this later.