Jan 28 where I am

 Right now I'm trying to find the energy to write this.


I have been thinging lately, that selling prints, has brought many new experiences, but it is hard work and needs skills I don't have. I recently had a costly experience with selling that I will blog about later.


  The Thing that I most want with my Prairie photos is to get them all scanned with some prints made. It will become a body of work  I never know what I will be abe to do in the future. Accumulating money through selling prints is not going to give going to give me funds in order to do this. I would need to get funding, in a lump sum, so I can I can plan and excute this process. It is imprtant because these, on the one hand works of art ..........and amemory


  I'm surprised by what I have accomplished inrecent years. At one point, many years ago, I said to myself "I will never show again". So I started giving work away. I got rid of all the notations I made in the summer of '81of  all the things I learned  at Ryerson - about the exposure, under what light, developing times  and then devoping times ......    exposure,with under what light and then the devopment....


   When I had the energy and to be able to follow through on a project. That was one of my main problems with my MS. I would start something and if an attack happened that consumed my energy for 3 months a yearwas able to find and go to a printer to scan my negatives and print them.