Christmas gifts

I am now selling for a couple of months at Pacific Arts Market at 1450 West Broadway. There is another gallery on the second floor 1448 W Broadway where there is lots of stuff you can get for Christmas. I will be on the ground floor that is wheelchair accessible.


I will be MartinPrairies at the very back of the Gallery. I am selling prints and will continue but by the middle of Nov. I will be selling light switch plates - rocker and toggle, roach clips of various sizes and jewelry wich for now is earrings. I will selling well priced Christmas presents but these are all unique, works of art and some of it will be signed.


They are doing major changes to Broadway right in front of the business but there is still access to the store from the sidewalk. This is a facinating gallery and you will experience a wide variety of arts and craft that changes all the time because there 80 artists. There is the gallery and online sales.


I haven't settled this but I would like to be there every Sunday. I will still be telling stories around my prairies prints