Back From PAM

I signed up with Pacific Arts Market because it would be like direct selling with less work, like they say. I thought I getting into an artist community. I had to contract for $1100 for 4 months because with Christmas comong up I would have had great sales. I even ordered more prints of my best sellers.


Non of that happened.


There were not Christmas buyers. The day after our grand opening Samuel set him self up on the back counter. He was painting copies of Fred Herzog's photographs. He said they were like vintage Fred Herzog photos. I emailed his and mine master printer at Fidelis Art Prints and his gallery, the Equinox Gallery. The gallery came in and removed the prints for sale and other copyright infractions. Later, as I was about to leave for a function at PAM, Bill discovered more on Samuel's website. I came in and challenged Samuel about that.We dickered and he said turn him in which I did. I asked him how he could copy someone elses work and call it his own.


Early in January I got my work out of there. I have had days when I made good money and days that i made shit money but I have never had a time when I didn't make any money.