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"*"Welcome to my first subscribers Bruce for being the first even though I didn't know if any of this was going to work. And Eric from Alberta who I haven' seen in years. And Gary who lives down the hall. I'm just being introduced to Mailchimp, a program that set up things like subscibe pages. So hopefully I will continue to learn - and if anybody out there has any advice for me, please offer it.


I recently wrote an artist statment to go with a submission of my work. It had to be very short and too the point something that I wasn't going to be able to do without my editor husband. I tried to say what I thought was what I I wanted but I t wasn't a collage esseay. At that point I just email to his computer and then I had exactly what I need for the gallery.


This is it

The images in my heart and mind of Alberta landscapes, where I grew up, were imprinted on me by the light, the sky and the undulating land. In my 20s I learned photography and developed an artistic vision, but I needed more skills. I enrolled at Ryerson in Toronto, and on graduating with a BAA in photography in 1981, got an Ontario Arts Council grant to finance a summer of shooting in southern Alberta. Before I could do much of anything with all the film I’d exposed and developed myself, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which has plagued me nearly 40 years.
At last, in my 60s, the MS has let me be for a few years, my mind is clear again and I have been working with Fidelis Art Prints to scan my negatives and produce prints, which I have been selling at art fairs and private functions. Some of the prints portray eternal landscapes, but many others show scenery and buildings that have disappeared in the last 40 years. I think they will appeal not only to people who share my love of Prairie landscapes, but also to those who see a classic stillness in my work that is not tied solely to time and place.


But then I discovered this in an old version

My Imagination has the prairie sky in it. A sky that is infinite, angry, luminous. In the winter time, when it is cold enough to be clear out, it will look black on B&W film. My imagination has undulating lines tracing the crops around land forms. Rivers that twist back and forth in bows. (google it). Hills that you can see in another country.

My imagination acknowledges the presence of human beings on and under this land.

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