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I must apologize for not keeping my blog up to date. After Christmas I was going to devote more time to my website, but other things got in the way.

In November, I rented the Roedde House Museum in the West End for an evening to show and sell my prints, sort of on the principle of a Tupperware party. I had the use of five rooms and the museum’s volunteers cleared away some of the antique items that normally cover every surface so I could display and sell my prints.

There was an 1890s Steinway piano, which is kept in good tune because the museum also hosts jazz performances. I invited a pianist friend to play while the guests socialized and I sold my prints. During breaks, I would talk about the stories behind some of the prints, then more music, then another talk, and so on. It was really enjoyable and I sold a lot of work.

I hope to do it again this year during the Christmas gift-buying season with a new selection of prints; Jacynthe has already volunteered to play the piano again.

A few weeks later I had a table in the Denman Place Mall’s annual Christmas Market, and again sold a lot.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of new images on this site that are not part of the prairies series. My site builder, Artist Run Website, lets me post unlimited numbers of images on unlimited pages. I happen to have thousands of images on my computer, so I might as well let people see them.

I intend to be more active maintaining this site in future. This is a beginning.

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